To the girls I didn’t know I couldn’t live without…

Alpha Xi Delta has given me a lot, starting with my home chapter at Florida Atlantic University. I thought I had it all figured out, my childhood best friend was a chapter sister, I found my maid of honor and my perfect little sister – plus those 140 other sisters  that impacted my life one way or another throughout my college career.

But the women who have truly shown me the values of my organization and the most heartsunshine I have ever experienced are women I didn’t even know my life was missing- and ones
in particularly I cannot imagine my life without. My rocks. My team. My travel Sisters.

When you’re on the road it’s easy to lose sight of your end goal. As a traveler it is important to know that you are not the only one going through the hardships you may encounter. You’ll run into members, campus faculty, and locals who do not support your overall mission. This is where, as a road warrior, you need to remember you always have that group of women (or men) pushing you to do better. To Be Better. You may question if you are good enough, if you are meant for this job – but the best part about having the team that I have is that their not afraid to tell it how it is.

In just the three short months since we have been working together, they have taught me:

  1. Be yourself: It’s easy to lose yourself on the road. Being on the clock 24/7 means you have to be ready for anything but having an outlet to turn to at any point of the day with these women is what keeps me sane. You wouldn’t be a part of your organization if you weren’t yourself, acknowledge that this experience is allowing you to grow and realize your full potential.
  2. See heartsunshine in everyone – because believe it or not, it’s there.
  3. The meaning of fraternity is AMAZING: obviously this was something that I already believed because I wouldn’t be traveling if I didn’t think so. But I don’t think I have ever been shown this quite as much as these women have shown me in the last three months.
  4. To speak my mind – it will only make you stronger. You’ll regret the times that you didn’t tell the ones you care about them that you do, or that it’s okay to be upset. Whatever is on your mind is for a reason and deserved to be shared.And finally,
  5. Never be afraid of meeting new people: because you never know if they will end up becoming your best friends, your confidants or even a bridesmaids.

Because of these eight other women: I am stronger, more independent, more confident and more loved. If you asked what kind of things I thought I would gain from traveling the U.S. alone, I would have never expected it to be relationship like these.

And to think, again, it’s only been three months but it feels like a lifetime.

Thank you, Alpha Xi Delta.


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