PaigeFor the next year, I will be traveling- no where specific, but everywhere I’m told to go. I always knew I was not good at sitting still, I also knew I never wanted too. I’m originally from a small town in North Florida where I spent the longest amount of time and I recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Hospitality Management and a concentration in Events and Meetings Management.  During my undergraduate career I was a sister of the Theta Iota chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. My membership in this sisterhood has allowed me the opportunity to travel as an Educational Leadership Consultant, a recent college graduate who is able to continue her Alpha Xi Delta experience by visiting Alpha Xi Delta chapters throughout the United States (Alpha Xi Delta.)

As a result of my work for AXiD for the next year I will have the opportunity to live out of a suitcase, travel the country to many unique universities and see it in a different perspective. If you’re wanting to keep up with me on my trips tune into my blog to see how life out of a suitcase is.